When you invest in hiring Head to Tail you receive:

1) Many years of pet experience.

A professional pet sitter who knows how to react to common pet behaviors and pet emergencies, and trained in first aid. In situations where your pet’s health and safety is in danger every minute counts. I have been pet sitting since 1994. I started only with the desire to help people with the care of their pets.

My first pet sitting gig was for a lady that had several large birds and I just happened to have helped my sister Linda with her bird breeding business. Many times I would go to her (my sister's) house and help feed,

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2) Protection of insurance.

I have Pet Sitters Associates Insurance. I carry the certificate with me, should you like to see it.

In the 21 years I have been in business I have NOT had any claim. Which says a lot for the credibility of my business.

I am very careful not to let dogs or cats slip out the door and run away. I really don't like to chase pets!!!

While walking dogs on a lead I do not like to use the the extension leashes, they are not as safe as a regular lead. I also know how to

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3) Peace of mind.

With 20 years of service to my clients I can say that I do give them piece of mind.

I will be there and will not cancel on you at the last minute because other plans get in the way.
Head to Tail commits to spending quality time with the pets and won’t just stop in quickly to put down food and water. I will also send you regular updates on your pets via phone, text message or email to update you on your pets during your absence. I also will leave written notes for you to read with

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Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services


Hello, do you feel the world is a better place with pets in it?

Hi, my name is Tami. I am the owner of Head to Tail.  My life is dedicated to pets. They are our life companions and always there for us when we need comfort and unconditional love. They make us laugh, and sometimes cry, but without them the world would be a darker place. They deserve the best care that we can give them so that they can continue to shine their light and share their uninhibited joy with the world.
The primary function of my pet sitting service is to provide in-home vacation or midday pet care and dog walking services. Cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, horses and exotics. All Pets Considered.
• Visit a clients home once or several times a day to feed, water, walk and play with pets while clients are at work or out of town. I also can perform home services such as mail collection, garbage disposal, and plant watering.
• Stay in a clients home overnight to care for the clients pets and home. This is a 8 to 10 hour stay.
• Visit a clients home to walk or exercise a dog while the client is away from the home during the day.