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Now Taking Reservations for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

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Openings for Potty Break/Walk Now Available!

Work week Monday – Friday between 10 am and 3pm we can come to your house or office and take your dog for a walk to do their business so you can work or go to lunch!

Do you give up your lunch to run home to let the dog out? You do not have to, for just $16 we can do it!!!

Dogs should not be made to hold “it” for more than 6 hours. Just imagine if you had to “go” and was forced to hold it. Ouch!!! Hire Tami Today!! Call, email or fill out the contact form today!!


Hire I love when Tami comes to let me out in the middle of the day


My four brothers and sisters love seeing Tami everyday to go out and play!!

Tue - Thur Tami walks me and we have lots of fun!

Tue – Thur Tami walks me and we have lots of fun!

Do you feel guilty leaving your pet?

You don’t have too!! Use Head to Tail to brighten their day and put pep back in the step!!! 

sad kennel dog

Home is better!!