Winter is definitely here. It’s very cold and snow is on it’s way.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you the client to make sure you hire someone or a company to come to your house to plow the drive and clean off the sidewalks so we (your pet sitters) can get into your house to care for your pets. You might think oh well the sitter can take care of that. NO WE CANNOT! If we had to clean driveways and sidewalks for all of our clients we would have a heart attack. Not to mention that you hired me to care for your pets not provide maintenance for your home. If I have to remove snow that is less time I have to care for your pets.  I have no less than 10 clients a day. Plus some of us sitters have bad backs and cannot possibly clean every clients drive of snow.

Hire someone, it will only cost you $60 at the most unless you have a mile long drive.

My contract which clients sign states that if I have to hire a company to come clear your drive, you have to reimburse me.