The other day I was reading something Cesar Millan sent me in his newsletter. It was about energy and dogs. He talked about how dogs feed of your energy, which I knew and learned from him when I spend 5 days at his DPC in Cali taking the TCW course. It got me to thinking about an issues I had with a dog a couple of months back and the negative reaction I got from the clients.

First day at the clients house and the dog growled at me and acted as if he was going to bite me. Third day of trying to work with this dog and I decided it was not a good fit for either of us. I could not understand why after 2 meet and greets and 3 visits that this dog did not like me. Never happens to me. All dogs love me. Then after reading Cesar’s newsletter about energy it dawned on me why this happened.

I was really uncomfortable at this guys house. He was giving off negative energy that I was sensing and the dog was picking up on it. Even though the dog was okay when I was there, I just had this very uneasy feeling around this guy for some reason and instead of listening to my intuitions, I ignored them. At the second meet and greet the dog came and sniffed me and just walked away. I did not think anything of it. But the guy grabbed my hands and held them saying it’s okay see we are friends. Which made me feel weird, I even made the comment to him that I hoped his wife wasn’t watch us through a camera and pulled my hands out of his.

Energy is very strong and animals can sense it better than we can. I learned an important lesson that day only I didn’t realize it until yesterday.