Recently I was contacted by a person asking about our service. We would like a quote for 2 puppies, Pet sitting or multiple visits from 4:30 – 9:30 on Sat night 3/17/17 Dinner at 5:30 Nap at 7p up for pee at 8:30 crate and leave.  I suggested that instead of all that driving back and forth that they just hire me for 5 hours. Gave them my rate. Reply is as such: Thank you so much for your quick turnaround. My son is contemplating watching them and we wanted to have a Plan B in place encase he doesn’t come through.

I do understand having a back up plan but here at Head to Tail we don’t do backup plans for other sitters/situations. Our company is such that we have our own backups. We are your Plan A and Plan B. We are reliable we come through and have a network with other Professional Sitters in the area to help each other with emergencies.

If you are so unsure of family members/neighbors that you thought of contacting us in the first place, wouldn’t you rather rest assured that a Professional Sitter is going to be caring for your furry family members? It’s a peace of mind that I myself have had to deal with. You book your vacation months in advance, you should at the same time book Head to Tail and pay them so you won’t be scrambling 3 days before you leave to find pet care. Your pets are just as important as your vacation, even more so.