Picture this: it’s March 15th and old man winter has hit again. The temperature outside is 18 degrees. It’s cold, the wind is blowing and now it is snowing and they are predicting a lake effect snow blizzard. Your sitter comes over to care for your pets. Looking forward to stepping inside your house for warmth and comfort to feed, give food and play with your pets. She/he steps in and at first it does feel a bit warmer. As the sitter takes off their coat and begins to love on the now jumping and very happy to see you dog and the cat wrapping it’s self around your legs for love and affection, they realize that the temp inside the house is not in fact warm. It’s downright cold. They pull back on the coat and head to look at the thermostat thinking “great, the furnace is broke.”

Thoughts of “now what do I do” start to form in their head. Call or text the client to inform them that the heat is not working. Will have to call someone in to fix it so the pets don’t freeze and what if it takes them a couple of days to come? Then we have to figure out how to keep the pets warm. Not to mention the pipes from freezing.

So you look at the thermostat and to your surprise it is not in fact broken, it’s turned down to 55 degrees!!!!! “What the heck” you think, why would a client turn down the temp of which the pet is accustom to?  To save a little money?

I have news for you people, if it is too cold for the sitter to be in your house and be comfortable, they will not stay very long. Keep the heat and or air conditioning at a comfortable setting for the pets and the sitter. Isn’t worth a couple extra dollars to ensure the sitter will stay and show your pets extra love?