What makes the best gifts for pet sitters you may be wondering? Well I can tell first hand the a cash tip in number one. We work hard just like the mail person. We walk dogs in the rain, snow, ice, fog, dark, hot sun, very cold winters. Nothing says good job done like a $50 or $100 dollar bill. A few $20 isn’t bad either.

We also like gift cards. Me personally I stay away from starbucks, it gives me headaches, so does chocolate. Any chocolate or starbucks cards go to my kids.

Gas cards are great. Restaurant cards are great. Not fast food like McD or BK because we need to eat better to keep up our strength and health.

Candles are nice. doTERRA is wonderful. Southwest Airlines gift cards are a great idea.

Spa Club gift cards would be a wonderful way to say I know you work hard and you deserve to pamper yourself.

Just a few ideas to help you tell your sitter they are loved and special.


Happy Holidays