March is notoriously know for being a month for getting away from the cold and snow. People escape to warmer parts of the US or Islands outside of the US. For us pet sitters it means we get to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing they can pick up the phone call us and not have to worry about the pets until they return home.

What you need to know about leaving your pets in our care.

Leave enough pet food so we do not have to go buy food. If you just cannot find the time to get food leave us enough cash to cover food and the expense of getting that food. Typically the cost of food plus $30

Leave the house at a comfortable temp. Do not turn heat down to 55 or turn air off. Pets are accustom to a normal living temp. Cooler or hotter makes them behave differently!!! Trust me after 23 years pet sitting I know this for a fact.

In the winter remember this is Indiana it can be 70 one day and 3 feet of snow the next. Hire a company to clean the driveway and walk way. We DO NOT shovel at all.

We also do not answer the door or phone in your absence.

We love our job and we love pets. We make sure they are comfortable and fed and happy.

Tipping is the best way to tell your sitter you appreciate the hard work they do and the fact that they try to be available 7 days a week, every weekend and all Holidays.