I have been pet sitting for 23 years. I began in Nov of 1994. I didn’t own a cat or dog at the time because I lived in a town-home that didn’t allow pets. I however learned that part of caring for pets also includes dealing with pet death. It is hard to have to say goodbye to clients pets, my first one was the worst. Overtime you become numb. Not that you don’t grieve but the grieving period become shorter.

That all changes when you lose your own pet. I had to put my dog of 14 years to sleep a little over a month ago. When she turned 13 I could see her slipping away a little more each day. The hearing goes, the eyes can’t see as good and of course her body was failing her. I waited for her to let me know when it was time and boy did that happen. Last visit outside Wednesday night and she was having issues walking, by mornings light she had thrown up twice and could not stand up without help and even then it was hard for her. Trip to the vet and medication. Next day was 100% worse. Back to the vet and an hour later she was gone.

I am still dealing with it. I can’t believe she is gone….