Why Plan A is better than Plan B

Recently I was contacted by a person asking about our service. We would like a quote for 2 puppies, Pet sitting or multiple visits from 4:30 - 9:30 on Sat night 3/17/17 Dinner at 5:30 Nap at 7p up for pee at 8:30 crate and leave.  I suggested that instead of all that...

Animal Energy

The other day I was reading something Cesar Millan sent me in his newsletter. It was about energy and dogs. He talked about how dogs feed of your energy, which I knew and learned from him when I spend 5 days at his DPC in Cali taking the TCW course. It got me to...

Snow Removal for Sitters Safety

Winter is definitely here. It's very cold and snow is on it's way. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you the client to make sure you hire someone or a company to come to your house to plow the drive and clean off the sidewalks so we (your pet sitters)...

Hello world!

Hello world!

I have waited almost 1 year for my new web site. I love it and hope you enjoy it also. Thank you Sniff Design for creating a site that captures my personality.

I started pet sitting in 1994. I lost my job due to corp down sizing. I was permanently laid off. Often when I told people I am a professional pet sitting slash dog walker, they would kind of laugh and ask “so….what’s your real job? or “But you do that as a hobby right? my mother was the one that said, “you will never make enough money to support yourself.” Well mom guess what, I am making enough money to support myself.

Pet Sitting is Serious Business

If your pet sitter does not see petsitting as their “real full time job” your pet’s and your best interest may not be their first priority. Let’s face it, we usually have our family or friends or neighbors help because it free or low cost and convenient. Any sitter that you can book from an app that you never get to meet in person and does not have a contract is a hobby sitter and as such will have another means of making money from a “real job”. Which means that you and your pets are not their first priority. Professional Pet Sitting is just that, it is a sitter that has spent considerable time and money to learn how to care for your pets like a vet tech would. We are trained to handle several emergency issues and health conditions. I have personally alerted my clients to pets health I noticed while sitting. The convenience of a free or cheap sitter is no replacement for a professional who can administer CPR or can give med and Sub Q Fluids if necessary .

I went to Cesar Milan’s California ranch to learn how to handle dogs and keep them calm. 

Thank you