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Lets Talk Spring Break!!

March is notoriously know for being a month for getting away from the cold and snow. People escape to warmer parts of the US or Islands outside of the US. For us pet sitters it means we get to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing they can pick up the phone...

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Happy Holidays

What makes the best gifts for pet sitters you may be wondering? Well I can tell first hand the a cash tip in number one. We work hard just like the mail person. We walk dogs in the rain, snow, ice, fog, dark, hot sun, very cold winters. Nothing says good job done like...

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What is your comfort zone?

Picture this: it's March 15th and old man winter has hit again. The temperature outside is 18 degrees. It's cold, the wind is blowing and now it is snowing and they are predicting a lake effect snow blizzard. Your sitter comes over to care for your pets. Looking...

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Why Plan A is better than Plan B

Recently I was contacted by a person asking about our service. We would like a quote for 2 puppies, Pet sitting or multiple visits from 4:30 - 9:30 on Sat night 3/17/17 Dinner at 5:30 Nap at 7p up for pee at 8:30 crate and leave.  I suggested that instead of all that...

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Animal Energy

The other day I was reading something Cesar Millan sent me in his newsletter. It was about energy and dogs. He talked about how dogs feed of your energy, which I knew and learned from him when I spend 5 days at his DPC in Cali taking the TCW course. It got me to...

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Snow Removal for Sitters Safety

Winter is definitely here. It's very cold and snow is on it's way. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you the client to make sure you hire someone or a company to come to your house to plow the drive and clean off the sidewalks so we (your pet sitters)...

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