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Summer Fun with Your Pet Photo Contest!

Now that school is out and many of you will be taking a vacation or maybe staying at home and enjoying time with family and friends. We want you to snap some good photos of fun with your pets. Head to Tail is looking for your best “Summer Fun With Your Pet,” photos....

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Pet Loss

I have been pet sitting for 23 years. I began in Nov of 1994. I didn't own a cat or dog at the time because I lived in a town-home that didn't allow pets. I however learned that part of caring for pets also includes dealing with pet death. It is hard to have to say...

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TCW with Cesar

February 2014 I traveled to California to partake in a 5 day course with Cesar as the instructor. I loaded up myself and a puppy and boarded a plane to a place I had not been to since I was in my 20's. Traveling with a puppy was new to me. She did very well to my...

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Lets Talk Spring Break!!

March is notoriously know for being a month for getting away from the cold and snow. People escape to warmer parts of the US or Islands outside of the US. For us pet sitters it means we get to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing they can pick up the phone...

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Happy Holidays

What makes the best gifts for pet sitters you may be wondering? Well I can tell first hand the a cash tip in number one. We work hard just like the mail person. We walk dogs in the rain, snow, ice, fog, dark, hot sun, very cold winters. Nothing says good job done like...

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