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Head to Tail Dog Walking and Pet Sitting
Office: Chicago St Downtown Valpo
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Telephone/ Texting: +1 (219) 462-2911

Phone Hours
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

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7:00am – 8:55pm Monday – Sunday (6 am-6:59 add $5 to rate) (9-10pm add $5 to rate)

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7/8 pm-7/8am Monday – Sunday

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Head to Tail Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Some Reviews

We strive to provide the kind of service that leaves you thrilled, happy, overly satisfied and wowed in every way. Here is a few of our current reviews from happy clients.

January 2, 2024

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Sebi while we were away. This is the first time he didn’t seem too upset over our being away….We definitely want you to look in on him while we are away in March. Once again, thank you!

June & Robert

Happy Thanksgiving 2023

We have much to be thankful for. not least of all is the wonderful care out dogs receive from Tami at Head to Tail Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. For several years now, Tami has regularly visited out dogs while we’re away at work.

While the visits ensure that our dogs’ physical needs are being met, I am very happy that they’re being mentally stimulated as well. Our dogs are crated for safety while we are at work and the opportunity to stretch and play gives me peace of mind.

Over our time utilizing Tami’s services, she has seen our dogs’ age and has been extremely supportive with their changing medical conditions and medication administrations. She alerts us to new concerns or problems immediately and makes suggestions on wellness opportunities.

Tami herself is reliable, accommodating and easy to work with. She is absolutely trustworthy and has frequently alerted us if she sees something “different” in or around our home. Examples include contractors working outside, strange cars parked near our home, or problems inside my home. On one occasion she alerted me to a problem with our furnace. Left unchecked, the problem could have resulted in a fire.

I would highly recommend Tami’s services to anyone needing pet visits. I never have to worry about the care my dogs receive or the safety of my home. That’s a blessing and we are truly thankful for Tami’s pet services!

Dale & Tracy Huyvaert (Bennie, Berkley, Bailey, Bodhi & Bindi) Valparaiso, IN



Tracy Huyvaert

Tami has walked our dog while we were on vacation.  It was peace of mind knowing our dog was still getting her exercise while we were away.  We introduced our dog to Tami a couple of times before having her take over.  Our dog went walking with Tami just fine.  We are booking her again!

Eileen T.

I don’t trust my dog with anyone else!  Tami watches my dog when I am on vacation and also comes to give my dog a midday break when I work long hours.  Not only is she reliable, she’s also very knowledgeable.  She taught me how to make a snow runway so my dog could do her business more comfortably in the winter.

K.A. Westville, IN

Love for your animals and trust in your home while you’re away are the two best things a pet sitter can have. With Tami I can check off both boxes. Thank you for allowing me to be away from home worry free.

Patti A., Valpo

I would highly recommend Tami for any pet sitting needs. She takes the best care of my cats when I can’t and that gives me great peace of mind.

Carolyn Block

Owner, Carolyn Block Skin Care

Tami was my dog walker when I lived in the Valparaiso area. Marley, my black lab/hound mix is a very high maintenance dog and Tami was able to handle him with great care. She was able to establish a tremendous relationship with Marley due to her patience and love of dogs. At first Marley would not let Tami in the house without being aggressive towards her, but with her persistence and patience soon enough she ended up winning him over to the point where he would hop in the back of her car for rides! I definately recommend Tami to anyone who needs a reliable and caring dog walker!

Michael Bartel

May 06, 2024

Thank you so much for your invaluable help. The “girls” thank you too. It’s a great relief not to worry about them when we’re away.


Just returned home after being away for the holidays and I have to say that Tami did a great job. I have 2 dogs who are both kind of a handful and we didn’t have any issues. It was great knowing that the dogs were in their own house while we were away. Typically when we return home it seems that our dogs are upset with us for having left them and this time it wasn’t the case. Will definitely use her again!

Lindsey M.

Tami Truex is an excellent pet sitter.  She is very conscientious and goes the extra mile for you; getting your mail, newspaper, etc.  She meets with you and gets the information she needs to take care of your pet.  The first time I used Tami to take care of my cats, there was a medical emergency with my cat who had diabetes and Tami took him to the vet.  She will give you updates and take pictures of your pets to send you.  I used her services for 12 days last year while we were in Alaska and I had no worries about my cats.  Excellent service!!!

Gail H

I know that when we are away from home that our pets are in good hands with Tami. Our dogs were far less stressed under her watch in their own home. Keeping them home with our cat kept all of them happy! Tami is very conscientious about the well being of our pets, and the security of our home when we are away. Peace of mind? You’d better believe it.. She delivers in spades!

Michelle T. Valpo

Tami is amazing with my boys. She comes daily to check them at lunch and let them outside. She plays with them and sends me fun photos mid day. She is always willing to come last minute for emergencies when necessary. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my boys. I highly recommend Tami. When we were looking to build our home, staying within the area where she works was one of our decisions. Trustworthy people in your home and with your boys are hard to find these days.

Kristen K., Valpo

Tami and her business, Head to Tail, is by far the best pet sitting service I have utilized. Not only is Tami personable and reliable, her professional approach to running her business is reassuring because she makes it her mission to know your loved one(s) (pets) and their individual needs. As an owner of a very needy and gregarious feline, I was always worrying when I left him for a few days or worried about the dependability of others.

Tami raises the bar for other pet sitting services and I would not recommend any other service in the Valparaiso area besides Head to Tail. She promptly communicates with you when you are out of town to put any of your concerns at ease. Moreover, her prices are an exceptional value, especially for students.

Adam Sworden, Esq., AICP


Tami helped take care of my rambunctious labradoodle, Kaptain, while he was a puppy. I was a busy law school student and she was always available at the last minute for a reasonable price. She did a great job and Kaptain was always excited to see her! If I still lived in Valparaiso, I would still be using her.

Kimberly Jannotta

Attorney at Del Galdo Law Group, LLC.