Pack Walk Club

A free club for people with dogs to socialize with humans and dogs!

The true Pack Leader Cesar.

So my goal here is to start a club where all people can bring their dogs to walk as a pack. Get to know each other, make some new friends. Even if your dog does not do well in a pack setting, they will soon learn. Please no retractable leashes.

We will meet downtown at the park on days when it is nice out.

I have learned from the best!

February 2014 I spent 5 days at the DPC (Dog Psychology Center)  in Santa Clarita CA with Cesar Millan and his wonderful staff taking his TCW (Training Cesar’s Way) class. It was an experience I will never forget and plan on returning soon. Cesar is so normal, but he knows how to read dogs body language. I don’t like to toot my own horn (well really I do) but I also can read dogs probably better than I can read people.

Every day there is like living in dog heaven only it’s on earth. Dogs rule here! Cesar really does train the human and rehabilitate the dog.

We started out everyday with a hike around his camp. This lasted for no less than an hour and and you can see Cesar spends one on one time with each student teaching them to lead the dog pack. I had taken a puppy with me and she got run of the place unlike the other dogs that had to be on a leash. She even fell into his pond while he was talking! Silly puppy. I had only had this puppy a short time but while we were there she would run off to explore and then come back to find me by sniffing everyone until she located me by smell> I thought that was pretty cool.

We would then attend class for a couple of hours and break for lunch. Where if you were quick you could eat with Cesar. He provided lunch and let me tell you he knows how to feed you healthy. Loved it. I had so much fun. I met knew people, ad made some like minded friends. I highly recommend it!!!

email or text Pack Walk Club 219-462-2911