Welcome to your tutorials page! Here is some intro video to watch and learn how to use your brand new spiffy site. Enjoy!

VIDEO TUTORIAL 1 – Creating & Adding New Pages – Intro To Your Dashboard
•Basics to your dashboard and areas to avoid, so as to not break your site.

VIDEO TUTORIAL 2 – Editing Your Site’s SEO

VIDEO TUTORIAL 3 – Creating & Adding New Pages – Part 1

  • Creating a new page
  • Adding in desired content to new page
  • Understanding page title headers

VIDEO TUTORIAL 4 – Creating & Adding New Pages – Part 2

  • Adding the new page to your navigational menu
  • Misc. Tips & Tricks

VIDEO TUTORIAL 5 – Your New Contact Form

  • Brief Overview of Contact Form
  • Links to full online documentation for further reading + learning

VIDEO TUTORIAL 6 – Adding In Themed Logos To The Site

  • Brief Overview of logo files stored in your library
  • Uploading the new themed logos to the site

Here is the MAIN link you will use in order to learn how to use the different ‘modules’ in your entire web site. These are simply the items that contain all of your site’s info and various functions. Be sure to bookmark this link too, as this online documentation library will continually grow. 


Also, here is the link to compressing your images, without loosing quality (making your image file size the smallest possible to uploading to your web site – which is the best thing to do for your images, so that when your site loads it will load nice and fast; especially for all of your mobile users).

TINYpng Panda
(YAY for Pandas!)